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We at MediCare are always fully focused on helping your child and you to overcame any hurdle, whether it’s chicken pox or just a seasonal flue.

Free Same Day Deliveries

Pain Management & Compounding

On The Spot Consultations

Over The Counter Medications

Free Checkups & Diabetic Meters

Free Parking

Senior Health Care

Increasing cost of medication bothering you?

Daily Discounts for Seniors

Blister Packaging Available

WOMEN Health Care

Prenatal Vitamins & Compression Stockings

Hormone Therapy Compounding

Special Deals for Pregnant Women

  • Convenient, Quick, Compassionate Care

  • Prescription Consultation

  • On Duty Prescribing Pharmacist

  • Plan Travel with Pharmacist

Our Services

Your health is our Mission and Service

We understand the complex health needs of seniors, we provide free blister packs and free deliveries for Better adherence to medications

We strive to provide Quick convenient, compassionate and quality prescription dispensing

Our knowledgable pharmacist provide you continuity of care medication renewals

We provide you the optimal pain control strategies while reducing the burden of side effects

Our prescribing pharmacist can assess your emergency health needs

Free flu shots and injections are available to help protect you and your family against flu and influenza

We provide medication review to make you understand the goals and outcomes

Free Home Delivery

Patient Consultations


Call or walk in for foot exam, discuss your glucose results, nutrition & weight loss counselling, drug interactions, free diabetic meters, purchase diabetic supplies- needles, lancets, pens of your choice, diabetic socks, insulin management & recommendations.


We will help you come out of trap of addiction. Counselling on behaviour & healthy lifestyle, medications, support to succeed and regular follow ups.

Mental Health

We will explain you how to keep balance and work with your psychiatrist and health care team- behaviour & lifestyle management.

Heart Health Assessment

Check out our heart assessment tools in pharmacy.


If it is appropriate we can write you a requisition for lab work.


How to strengthen your bones, what medications can help.


There are different vaccines for different age groups and medical conditions, we do prescribe and administer vaccine shingles vaccines including others.

Pain Optimization

We have whole suite of pain medication formulas and we will provide recommendations to you and your health care team- chronic pain can impact personal, family and work, we understand that and we can help you improve your pain through compounding.

Nursing Home Visits

Can not visit Pharmacy, no Problem. We can provide a home visit based on availability

The best reference


I am thankful that my sister, Jody happened upon the pharmacy . The compassion and empathy is sincere and genuine. At Village Medical Pharmacy you are not just another prescription being filled. PJ took the time out on a Sunday after hours to do my first needle that is needed due to chemo and teach my sister, niece and aunt. I'm so glad I made the switch.

Brenda McClain

I walked in looking to pass time b4 a appointment and instantly had a great feeling Pj is so amazing so friendly he has been a huge support to my sister and I, while she starts her chemo journey .. I can not say enough good . It takes a village to raise a family .. Pj feels a village like pharmacist is a integral part of health care.

Jody Cunningham

It's a great pharmacy good friendly service very happy I'm with these guys go check him out his service is by far best in town.

Mike Logan

PJ is such a great pharmacist! definitely worth the drive from Calgary to get such great service. Glad I made the switch.

Elizabeth Neufeld

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